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Is This a Tiny Magnolia Condo or an Urban Farmhouse?

If we blindfolded you, threw you in the back of a van and dropped you off in the middle of this place, we swear it would take you a few moments before you realized you were inside a Magnolia condo and not a converted farmhouse. Maybe it's that patch of distressed wood above the converted sewing table just outside a kitchen that looks like it's been carved right out of the wall. But we think it might be all the little accents that add up and make this 550-square-foot 1-BR in something more. The old timey signs, tons of vintage accessories, the wicker baskets strewn about the bedroom and worn cowboy hats hanging above the bed. We don't know if the current interior design and furnishing are included in the $240K price tag, but if not, consider going a little higher to see if you can lasso them in.

· 3423 W Government Wy Unit 3 [Estately]