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Eastlake Floating Home Lets You Play Chutes & Ladders

Chutes and ladders are important, at least to retro kids. You may think you're spending $1,795,000 on just a 3 bedroom, 1.75 bath, 1,562 square foot houseboat with views of Gas Works Park. However, someone in the family is going to have a lot more fun with that slide that dumps them into Lake Union, and the ladder that lets them climb back out so they can do it again. There are a couple of showers indoors, but maybe an outdoor shower would be handy, too. Otherwise, that fine white carpeting might get a big soggy and dingy - kind of like a grey Seattle day. But there's a solarium for balance, a fine idea more homes should have whether they're on water or not. The kitchen has color and style, as if some adult remembered what it means to have fun. The rest of the rooms are as well-designed and furnished as you might expect for such a price. One room may be the most important of all, however. The small one with the desk that may be the source for the money that pays for the place. Can't forget that.
· 10 E Roanoke St [Estately]