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Bellevue's Woodridge: The Nation's 8th Hottest 'Hood in 2015

If you're looking to buy a home in the Puget Sound region this year, real estate listing and brokerage site Redfin says that Bellevue's Woodridge will be the neighborhood to watch. According to the site's latest top ten list of hottest neighborhoods in the country, Woodridge is the hottest in the Seattle-area and the eighth hottest in the country. The pick marks a departure from last year, when Redfin chose Phinney Ridge as the hot 'hood. We certainly saw quite a few bidding wars all year there, so apparently they're on to something.

Redfin agent Michael Fleming says Woodridge features "many midcentury homes at an affordable price point and it's proximity to "highly ranked public schools" makes it an ideal spot for families. Having the 405 and 90 run along it's borders doesn't hurt either. The site currently has seven homes available in the neighborhood.

Rounding out the top five hottest neighborhoods in the Seattle area after Woodridge are Bryant, Rainier Beach, Rainier View and Bitter Lake. Sounds like Redfin expects real estate booms to start spreading away from the center of Seattle towards the north and south.
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