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Last Week's Biggest Sales: $1M Alki Beach House Tops List

Listed for: $1.2M
Received: $1.005M
Size: 3-BR, 2.75-bath, 2,040 sq. ft.
Location: 3009 Alki Ave SW, Alki
The Skinny: Pretty subdued week around Seattle. Usually, a $1M sale doesn't even make the cut but last week it was the biggest around town. This 1912-beachfront home has been on and off the market multiple times since 2006. Ultimately, it looks like things turned around in November when the price dropped to a level potential buyers agreed with. It went into pending a month later. The bonus here is that the sale includes the entire duplex, which can be treated as two units or remodeled into one killer beach house.

Listed for: $925K
Received: $795K
Size: 3-BR, 2.75-bath, 3,990 sq. ft.
Location: 3720 Hillcrest Ave SW, Alki
The Skinny: Staying in the neighborhood, this more recent (1995) 3-BR is a bit hidden, but not so much that a new buyer couldn't find it. Featuring a very dramatic, triangular architecture, the home features a somewhat-secluded lifestyle that also provides room to live (and a pool to swim in). There's also a five-car garage/ship on the lower-level, so, perfect for a gear-head.

Listed for: $765K
Received: $771K
Size: 1-BR, 1.75-bath, 998 sq. ft.
Location: 1415 2nd Ave #2409, Downtown
The Skinny: It had been so long since this Newmark Tower condo has been on the market, it last sold for $285K (back in 1995). It certainly didn't last long this time around, listing in December, and with that view it's no surprise. The "secret door" bookcases in the living room are a cool touch, though the bedroom looks a little snug. Still, for that 180 degree view, you're probably willing to make a couple trade-offs.

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