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What a Seahawks Playoff Bonus Could Buy You in Seattle

The Seattle Seahawks aren't marching all the way to the Super Bowl for the second-consecutive season just for love of the game. These guys are getting paid, too. On top on their salaries, each player receives bonuses for every playoff game. In the Divisional round against Carolina, each player received $24,000. For the win over Green Bay in the NFC Championship, they each got $44,000. Assuming they win the Super Bowl (and we will assume they will), everyone will receive $97,000 (they "only" get $47K if they lose). Assuming victory, that's a grand total of $165,000. So the question now, is, what can someone buy around Seattle with that playoff scratch?

That would be enough to buy Unit 408 at Northgate Plaza condos, currently asking $164,900. The 744 square-foot 1-BR is a top-floor end-unit, so hopefully that gives you a decent view. You're only a few blocks away from Northgate Mall so your Auntie Anne cravings are all set. Also comes with a garage parking spot and is pet-friendly, so, they're doing what they can to make up for the fact that your bedroom closet door is a curtain.

Let's check 8747 Phinney Ave N where Unit 12 in this complex is going for an even $165,000 (if we don't count HOA dues). A 684 sq. ft. 1-BR, it's an open floor plan. So open, in fact, it's hard to tell if there's a door separating the living room from the bedroom. Still, it's bright and they've already chopped $13K off the ask, so, maybe there's still room to haggle.

Can we find something nicer and/or bigger for the price? As we expand the search out of Seattle we find a 3-BR, 2-bath end-unit townhome in Kent. Unit 70 at 11357 SE 212th Lane gives you a whole lot more space (1,437 sq. ft.) including a big master suite with walk-in closet. You can probably put away all those Christmas decorations, at least until next year.

How about a house, though? Can we get a nice house for $165K? We can if we head up to Stanwood, where there's a 2-BR at 27031 104th Dr NW waiting. The listing says the home was built in 1892, but, we're dubious about that. There has been a full remodel and it shows, though they did leave some of the original features such as interior doors and glass door intact. Pretty sure we can get rid of that table without a top, though.
· 9416 1st Ave NE, Unit 408
· 8747 Phinney Ave N, Unit 12 [Estately]
· 11357 SE 212th Lane Unit 70, Kent [Estately]
· 27031 104th Dr NW, Stanwood [Estately]