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Close to the CLink, Pioneer Square Penthouse Now Under $1M

What has only 2 bedrooms, 2 baths but an cavernous 2,624 square feet and goes for $989,000? A 1904 Pioneer Square loft condo that almost sold for $1,150,000, but is now back on the market. Over 500 days and counting. Chop that price and chop it by enough to buy another condo in a different part of the city. Make it a two-fer for those days you don't want to listen to construction or the cheer of the crowds around the Seahawks' stadium. Or, buy it and enjoy never having to find a parking spot for the game, and have enough room for a massive celebration afterwards. The building has survived more than a century of shaking from quakes and Bertha, too. A bit of dancing shouldn't hurt it.
· 210 3rd Ave S, Unit 5D [Windermere]
· Massive Pioneer Square Penthouse Loft On Market For $1.15M [CS]

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