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Stunning Queen Anne Views Not Enough For Sale So Far

Some houses are snapped up in days. Others take years. The sellers should be commended for their patience.

A house on Queen Anne that's been on the market for ten months. In this market, that's incredible. So is the house and the views, but is the price too incredible too? The sellers are asking for $3,588,000 for a 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath house built in 2005. That may sound like a lot; but, the 5,042 square foot house has a lot going on inside, and the views outside go on and on.

It has an elevator. Why not? There are only three stories, but there must be days when letting the machinery do the work is easier than taking the stairs. Besides, an elevator comes in handy on laundry day, or bringing in the groceries, or giving the kids something to ride in.

The design aims for lofty and open. With such a grand view of Seattle there should be nothing between you and the windows. Of course, the best way to enjoy the view is to get outside, and there are paved patios for that. Few views manage to include the Needle and downtown. The fireworks watching should be marvelous. Even the main kitchen is low profile, again to keep those views in sight. You won't even see the system that heats the house, it's a radiant heat built into the floor, the Portuguese limestone floor.

There are plenty of ways to get wet. The baths feature curvaceous pedestal tubs and designs that seem like small offices. A sauna may dry you out, but it is equipped with two showers in case you want to alternate between soaked and baked. And then there's getting wet on the inside, thanks to a wet bar. It may not be appropriate to try using all of them in short succession.

An impressive house, but also one that's been on the market long enough that the question gets asked, "Why so long?"
· 1118 Bigelow Ave N [Windermere]
Written by Tom Trimbath