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Tiny Homes & Tree Houses: Washington's Top Real Estate Google Searches

According to a map put together by real estate website Estately, Washingtonians Google the word "Estately" more than any other real estate-related search term. Well isn't that convenient... The map makes use of Google Trends data from the past 10 years to provide a picture of what residents of different states are searching for when they're looking for real estate. Seattle is home base for tons of real estate tech companies so it's probably not so surprising to find out one of them is leading the pack.

Washington's other top search terms line up with a lot of the trends we've seen here on Curbed with "small houses,"tiny house plans" and "tree house" making the top five searches a clarion call to developers to think smaller. That said, "chateau" also shows up, so, perhaps Washingtonians just have to go to extremes no matter what. Nearby Oregon appears to be obsessed with "yurts for sale," while Montanans are focused on their "recreation vehicle." Colorado continues to be a kindred spirit to Washington with a focus on "tiny homes" as well.
· What Real Estate Things Does Each State Google More Than Any Other? [Estately]