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Cornerspotter: Perfectly-Preserved Apartments in 1955

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Written by Sarah Anne Lloyd

Cornerspotter is the Curbed Seattle feature in which we show you a historical photo taken somewhere in the city and you identify the location. Impress fellow Curbed readers with your knowledge by leaving guesses in the comments or send them to our tipline: We'll post the answer on Friday. And hey: no cheating!

This building, then and now, stands on a neighborhood thoroughfare. While it's not the densest area, the surrounding area is a walkable mix of residential and commercial — while most of its neighbors are other single-story and low-rise apartment buildings, there's a pizza place, a church, a barber shop, and a pub within a block. The houses you can see down the street have since made way for a low-rise office building.

Since this could describe a few neighborhoods outside the city's core, let's get a little more specific: Three bus routes serve this corner, although only one of them goes downtown. (That one bus won't help a whole lot if the viaduct falls down before a replacement comes along, though.)