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$799K Queen Anne Condo is Boxy on Outside, Artsy on Inside

What's boxy on the outside and artsy on the inside? This Queen Anne condo. From the street it is cubist and grey. Inside there's art, and even if it doesn't stay, there are niches waiting for new pieces. For $799,000 you can live in your own gallery that just happens to have 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, a 2 car garage, 1,768 square feet, and an upscale kitchen. Plenty of room for comfort, a bit of work, and views of Lake Union, Seattle, and the Cascades that wrap around you. Go outside and you'll find a deck that hides a very un-boxy ambience thanks to a natural and artsy artificial waterfall.
· 2410 Aurora Ave N Unit 110 [Windermere]