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Where Are the Seahawks' Most & Least Enthusiastic Fans?

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We all love the Seattle Seahawks. Right? Right. But let's face it, some of us love them a little bit more than others. As the Hawks prepare to win their second-straight Super Bowl, Estately decided to figure out exactly where everyone in Western Washington falls on that enthusiasm-meter. Using Facebook user data to determine which of the 40 most populated Washington cities had the highest percentage of people expressing interest in the Hawks, they determined that Maple Valley had the highest percentage (40%), followed by Marysville (39.29%) and Lake Stevens (37.5%). On the other side of the spectrum, Bellevue brings up the rear with a scant 6% of support. Et tu, Bellevue? Seattle doesn't have much room to make fun, however, as the city that's actually home to the Seahawks came in 35th with 22.22%. If they do win, maybe the Seahawks should consider running that parade through Snohomish County instead...
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