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Former Seahawks WR Percy Harvin Loses Big In Bellevue Sale

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Former Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin bought a 4-BR Bellevue home for $1.38M in June, figuring he was going to settle down in the area for a long time to come. Featuring a wine cellar, three-car garage and a master bath with fireplace, it probably seemed like a good investment. Four months later, Harvin was traded away to the New York Jets after butting heads with the team and all of a sudden that purchase didn't seem like such a great investment after all. It must really feel like a bad idea now that he's sold the home for just $16K more than he paid. As PSBJ points out, the seller usually pays the real estate excise tax in Bellevue, which in the case of this home would come out to about $25K. Couple that with commissions and other fees and Harvin likely lost around $93K on the deal. To be fair, the guy did just sign a $64M contract, so, it's probably not keeping him up at night.

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