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Before She's Scrapped, One Last Look at the MV Kalakala

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The unmistakable art deco frame of the MV Kalakala roamed Puget Sound from 1935 to 1967 as a ferry. In the years since, she's spent time as a crabbing ship in Alaska, floated back down to Seattle, made a stop in Neah Bay and eventually relocated to Tacoma where owner Steve Rodrigues intended to restore her to her former glory. That never happened and now Kalakala's time is at an end. The distinctive ship will be cut apart for scrap by current owner Karl Anderson as fears that a flooding or sinking incident seem imminent and any future plans (and financial backing) for the old ferry have dried up. In honor of the old ship, affectionately and not-so-affectionately also known as the Silver Slug, let's take a look back at how she was in all her streamlined, art deco glory. Once the second-most popular attraction during the 1962 Seattle World's Fair behind the Space Needle, it will live on as one of the region's early architectural touchstones.
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1601 Taylor Way, Tacoma, Washington