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Play With The Brand New Brand Names in This Delridge 4-BR

If it wasn't for the one angled roof, this new house in Delridge would look like a blocky apartment, but only from the outside. Inside, the list of brand names alone begins to justify the $749,000 asking price for this 4 bedroom, 3.25 bath, 3,590 square foot modern marvel. Bertazzoni, Paykel Fisker, Toto, Grohe, and probably others too, are the appliances and fixtures for the kitchen and bathrooms that are definitely not apartment standard. The house's main feature, though, may be the expansive views from the covered balconies. The views mean lots of windows. There are even glass doors to one of the rooms that is staged as an office. Maybe this house needs one extra appliance, an automatic window cleaner.
· 4763 23rd Ave SW [Estately]