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Visualizing Seattle's Most Popular Running & Cycling Routes

If we asked you to guess the most popular running & cycling routes around Seattle, you'd probably know the answers. Green Lake, Burke-Gilman Trail, around Lake Union, the Waterfront. But there's something about seeing it all laid out neatly on a map to confirm your eyes aren't fooling you. Eric Fischer and Garrett Miller of Mapbox compiled all of the running paths taken by users of RunKeeper around the world and created this handy, highlighted map to show just how much everyone seems to enjoy taking the same routes. If there's a water view, Seattleites are in motion alongside it. Of course, if you're looking for a change of pace or scenery, perhaps you'll find an option here as well. But from the looks of things, you'd be hard-pressed to head down any road around town and not run (or bike) into someone else.
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