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Seattle Remains 8th Most Expensive City To Rent In America

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Once again, Seattle remained firmly in the eighth spot on Zumper's list of cities with the most expensive rent in December, according to the real estate website's latest rental report. Interestingly, the median asking rent for a one-bedroom in Seattle dropped by 1.9 percent over November prices to land at $1,580. Median asking rent for a two-bedroom in Seattle dropped 1.3 percent to $2,200 while median asking rent across all apartments is $1,380, which is actually sixth-most in the nation.

When the list is expanded beyond major cities, Seattle remains firmly behind Kirkland ($1,740/mo. for 1-BR). Curiously, Bellevue saw a massive drop from November, from $1,700/mo. to $1,570/mo., though that number was at $1,640 back in October. Seattle's Central Business District shows up on Zumper's Top 100 Neighborhoods by Median 1-BR Rent with $2,422/mo., which is also down from $2,609 in October.

The reason the numbers may fluctuate so much is because Zumper's data applies to rentals advertised during the month of December, so the numbers reflect what you might expect to pay if you moved a few weeks ago, rather than a citywide average of everyone's rent.
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