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These Apartments Will Let You Live at Northgate Mall (Almost)

Do you dream of living in Northgate Mall? Dining every day at Panera. Bathing at Bath & Body Works. Sleeping in the home furnishing section of JC Penney's. If this describes you, first, please seek professional help. Second, we're pretty sure you can't do that, but, if Goodman Real Estate's plans for Northgate Apartments are approved, you'll be able to live across the street from the mall, and maybe that'll be good enough, you weirdo. Goodman and grouparchitect are bringing their proposal before the design review board for early design guidance on January 12. Plans call for two buildings, one at 10715 8th Ave NE that includes 143 units, 2,650 sq. ft. of retail space and 101 parking spots and the other at 10720 5th Avenue NE that includes 83 residential units, three live/work units and 32 parking spaces. No word on whether or not living here comes with an Auntie Anne gift card, but, it would come in handy.
· 10715 8th Ave NE []