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Mixed-Use Elsewhere: Planned SLU Building 100% Residential

Tarragon and Weinstein A+U are presenting plans before the design review board Wednesday evening for early design guidance on a 15-story building at 701 Valley St. at the western edge of South Lake Union. The structure is expected to include 147–158 residential units, on-site building management and leasing offices and three levels of structured parking. Resident amenities would include a first floor lobby, an outdoor terrace and dog run on the second floor and indoor amenity spaces located at the roof level, adjacent to another outdoor terrace. As a refreshing changing of pace for Seattle, there is currently no commercial space proposed as part of the project. The developers might have considered going taller but the 12K sq. ft. site is directly under the South Lake Union seaplane flight path, limiting the potential height of the building. The project is targeting LEED Gold certification.
· 701 Valley St []