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Attack Of The Townhomes: Woonerf Edition

At any given moment there seem to be dozens of townhouses being designed, planned or built around Seattle. We took a look through the design review board archives to see what's currently in the pipeline and here's what we found:

Address: 9032 14th Avenue NW
What Is It?: Two live/work unit & four townhome complex
Developer: Gamut360
Neighborhood: Crown Hill
Amenities: Rooftop decks, bike parking, central plaza space, courtyard
Parking: One carport parking space per unit
What's The Status?: Early design guidance meeting on January 9

Address: 206 22nd Avenue
What Is It?: Six townhomes in two-structure complex
Developer: Green Build Development
Neighborhood: Central District
Amenities: Roof decks and 4-star Built Green certification
Parking: Attached garage for each unit
What's The Status?: Streamlined design review on January 16

Address: 5755 NE 63rd Street
What Is It?: 8 townhome complex
Developer: Build Urban
Neighborhood: Sand Point
Amenities: Two ADUs, rooftop decks, woonerf space,
Parking: One parking stall per townhome
What's The Status?: Recommendation meeting on January 12

Address: 1502 Bradner Place S (a.k.a. Bradner Five)
What Is It?: Two single-family homes & three townhomes
Developer: Fine Structures
Neighborhood: Mt. Baker
Amenities: Bicycle parking
Parking: One-car garage per unit
What's The Status?: Streamlined design meeting on January 16
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