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Paul H. Kirk Mid-Century Modern in Bellevue Seeks Bidders

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Tell us a Paul Hayden Kirk home is for sale and you have our attention. Tell us a Paul Hayden Kirk home is going to auction and you've got our undivided attention. Indeed, the mid-century modern 2-BR at 4749 119th Ave SE in Bellevue built by the man many say is responsible for developing modern Pacific Northwest architecture's identity will go to auction on January 23. The previous owner passed away in 2009 and the home has been on and off the market ever since (asking anywhere from $719K to $599K). As such, the home has fallen into disrepair (above photo is from 2009). So if there's an architecture field out there interested in restoring an 1,843 sq. ft. classic built by one of the region's masters, make your bid. FYI, the home last sold in 2005 for $450K.
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