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Try to Keep Up With This 'Day in Seattle' Time Lapse Video

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There's so much talk about the issues plaguing, destroying and killing Seattle that sometimes it's good to just take a step back, press play and watch a video that reminds you how beautiful and vibrant this city is. So that's what we're gonna do today. Taylor Feist's 'A Day in Seattle' video is a time lapse that includes everything from iconic skyline shots, scurrying sports fans, flashy towers and the construction cranes that build them to the many ships that sail through our bays, locks and Sound. Who knows, given the mass of human that keeps whizzing by, you're probably in there too somewhere. Enjoy the video and then let's get back to complaining...

"A day in Seattle" from Taylor Feist on Vimeo.

· "A Day in Seattle" [Vimeo]
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