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Last Week's Biggest Sales: Another 7-BR Sold in Yarrow Point

Listed for: $3.7M
Received: $3.7M
Size: 7-BR, 4.75-bath, 5,774 sf.
Location: 9262 Points Dr NE, Yarrow Point
The Skinny: You know it's fancy when all of the listing photos come in a picture border, including the floor plans. This house almost feels like it's been perpetually on sale since being built in 2013 and that's in spite of the fact that it sold just last year. It's the rare new construction that looks like it was built 100 years ago in places thanks to all those built-ins and classic wood finishes.

Listed for: $3.49M
Received: $3.55M
Size: 4-BR, 3.25-bath, 5,230 sf.
Location: 9357 Hilltop Rd, Bellevue
The Skinny: This is sale No. 4 for this 1995-built home since 2004. very modern exterior perfectly placed atop a hill looking out over Bellevue. There's entertainment decks on both level and even an elevator to take you to either of them. The view from the living room isn't shabby either.

Listed for: $3.53M
Received: $3.395M
Size: 5-BR, 4-bath, 5,007 sf
Location: 511 82nd Ave NE, Medina
The Skinny: You had to figure new construction in Medina wasn't going to last too long. Listed in May, this place went pending in June and just took a while to sort itself out. Lots of special rooms here, including a guest room, media room, wine room, dry sauna & wet bar.