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Kirkland's Joshua Sears Building Now Available For $4.95M

History just got $850,000 cheaper, but that's because the listing is old enough to be historic too. The Joshua Sears Building in Kirkland has been around since 1891, so it is certainly patient. It sellers are somewhat patient, too. We wrote about the building when it hit the market in March 2013. Then, the price was $5,800,000. Now, two-and-a-half years later, the price is $4,950,000. For those who haven't dived into Eastside history, the building is on the National Registry, and even has a wikipedia page. Without that background it be a mysterious that a 2 bedroom 2 bath house has 10,500 square feet and costs millions. What it really has is authentic Beaux Arts style, an impressive location in a city that's changed considerably, and a character that seems perfect for a startup or high-end consultancy. It was built as part of startup that hoped to create the Pittsburgh of the West, maybe it can do something similar - but with electrons instead of smoke.

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