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How About a 915-Mile Seattle Regional Bike Trail Network?

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You guys have to promise not to show this to Jason Rantz or Dori Monson but Zach Shaner just put together an intriguing "Big Idea" over at Seattle Transit Blog: A comprehensive Seattle regional bike trail network. "What if they offered a comprehensive network from Anacortes to Enumclaw, and from Gig Harbor to the Columbia River?" Shaner put together the map above, which if built, would stretch 915 miles "across coastal wetlands, river valleys, mountain passes, pastoral landscapes, and bustling urban corridors." According to Shaner, if you look at the current map of disconnected trails, we're actually closer than you'd think. For the most part, we'd need mostly smaller additions, like the Burke-Gilman Missing Link, in order to make it happen. Whatcha think?
· A Vision for a Comprehensive Regional Bike Trail Network [SBB]