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What Seattle Pet Owners Can Get Around South Lake Union For $2,000/Month

Welcome back to Curbed Comparisons, where we scour Seattle's rental listings to see what your monthly budget will get you across the city. Today we decided to find out what $2,000/month can get you if you want to live in or near South Lake Union and you also need a place that's pet-friendly. You tell us which lease you'd sign.

Let's begin at Union SLU where you can get a 679 square-foot 1-BR for $1,956/month. You're allowed up to two dogs or cats with a one-time $300 fee as well as $25 extra/month and a $300 deposit. (What's the $300 fee for if you're already paying a deposit?) It's an LEED Silver certified building that comes with plenty of amenities for you as well as your pet.

Next up we head to True North where there's a 678 square-foot 1-BR asking $1,955/month. Same size and price as the previous one but this unit feels a bit warmer, even if it's just as modern. True North is all about outdoor living and that goes for your dog as well. A dog run features covered seating for you and agility equipment for your furry friend.

Now let's head to Aperture on Fifth where you can get a 660 square-foot 1-BR for $1,980/month. There's not only a dog walk upstairs but also a dog wash and grooming station located on street level.

On to AMLI South Lake Union where an 827 square-foot 1-BR will run you $2,015/month. They're putting the full court press on with amenities and that includes pet-related ones. A dog run with seating is nice and the dog grooming station is even better. The LEED Silver Certified building minimizes environmental impact and maximizes energy efficiency.

Finally let's end up at Annaliese where $2,026/month gets you the only studio on the list but at 937 square-feet it also happens to be the biggest unit (go figure). A pet-friendly building, it might not have some of the same amenities as the other ones on the list but it's got all of the other requisite SLU living amenities.

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