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Meet Villa Sculptura, the Madrona Estate Asking $2.88M

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You know the 3-BR, 3.25-bath home at 412 34th Avenue in Madrona isn't messing around as soon as you learn it's name is Villa Sculptura. This courtyard estate built in 1984 just hit the market asking $2.88M and it's got the bonafides to back it up. Starting in that courtyard, it's a 12,732 square-foot gated lot that includes an arboretum and a Lord and Burnham greenhouse. That may not mean anything to you but in the world of greenhouses that's a bit of a deal. Inside, simple yet gorgeous rooms let the light coming through the huge windows be the star. Meanwhile the kitchen looks snug but authentic, like an updated take on the kind of an old world Italian kitchen. And then there's the indoor pool that kinda feels like an outdoor pool, complete with veranda and connection to the stunning outdoor patio.

· 412 34th Ave [Windermere]