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Civic Square Development Back in Limbo Following Shakedown

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Tuesday, Seattle City Council candidate Jon Grant went public with the accusation that Triad Capital Partners SVP Brett Allen had approached him with an offer to settle a lawsuit that would make it easier for their Civic Square development to move forward in return for making sure a political group working against him would go away. Otherwise known as a political shakedown. Reaction was pretty swift in Seattle and now Mayor Ed Murray has declared that he will cancel the long-gestating Civic Square project unless the company can finalize the deal by December 31, adding that he has "no desire to develop this property with Triad." Earlier this week we heard that the 43-story skyscraper project, eight years in the making, was finally moving towards a construction date. Triad has spent millions on the project but has yet to actually buy the property or receive design review. Allen did apologize, calling his message "inappropriate" and noting that Civic Square would result in "$10 million to the city to be used for affordable housing." Probably too little, too late.
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