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Renovated 1906 Farmhouse in Wallingford Asks $625K

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There's farmland, or at least a farmhouse, for sale in Wallingford. Flip open the history books to 1906 and Wallingford had local food because it had farms. Now, this 1906 farmhouse is for sale at $625,000, but the farm is reduced to the 2,640 square foot lot - most of which is covered up by house and driveway with a bit left over for lawn. The rest of that fertile soil is under the neighbor's basements and foundations. Sitting on top is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1,660 square foot bit of history that has held on to leaded glass windows, a sun room, and basement that somehow hasn't been finished in 109 years. Check the height. Older homes sometimes had shorter basements. The character of a hundred years ago shows throughout, staircases cut into adjoining rooms' walls and ceilings, a second floor bedroom has windows near the floor because there wasn't much wall left over unless someone made a custom fitted frame. It may not grow much food anymore, but Wallingford grew up around it which means plenty of options within a short walk, dinner without having to dig.

· 1409 N 41st St [Zillow]
Written by Tom Trimbath