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Play South Lake Union Bingo! (Unless You Work For Amazon)

These days, South Lake Union can seem like a world unto itself. The Ama-Zone, with it's groups of people wearing blue badges paying way too much for food truck sandwiches and drinking craft beers out of mason jars, can be a jarring-yet-repetitive sight. Instead of getting annoyed by it all, how about we have some fun? Find a trendy bar, order a beer from a brewery you vaguely know, grab a sidewalk table and break out your South Lake Union Bingo card.* Posted to Reddit Seattle by ticstah, it gives you plenty of possibilities while you people-watch and try to fill your cards quickly as possible. If you're in the right place, you might even be able to check off options like "6-Story Mixed-Use Building" and "Proposed Land Use Sign" right away. Come to think of it, depending on what time of the day and day of the week you're there, you may be yelling "Bingo!" within minutes.

* Amazon employees not eligible to play. Too easy.
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