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What's Next For This Historic 1908 Central District Foursquare?

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This 1908 Craftsman/Foursquare/Prarie Style concoction doesn't just look historic, it literally is. The 4,200 square-foot structure is listed as a Seattle Historical Site, where it's noted that the house "is important because it enhances our knowledge of vernacular architecture and residential development in Seattle and because it and its setting contibute to the historic streetscape." The seller bought the place about ten years ago and refurbished it into a cooperative cohousing space/tech hub. Now it's on the market asking $970K and offers plenty of new opportunities, including use as a B&B, cohousing space or just a family estate. You've got 8-10 bedrooms to work with, depending on how you space things out. The funky kitchen is actually the work of Studio DEC, which tore out two bedrooms to make room for the kidney-shaped island, LED pendant lights made from repurposed colanders and granite salvaged from another demolished house. Bring your ideas, bring some ingenuity but most of all bring some people with you. There's a lot of room (and rooms) to fill.

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