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This $319K Riverview Tiny Is All About The Purple

Welcome to Tiny Homes, an idea that is more popular with minimalists than with neighborhood associations and zoning boards. We'll point out the fun parts. You'll have to check out the logistics and legalities - but this one is old enough to be a grandfather, and grandfathered.

You probably already do this. For most homes, take the number of bedrooms and subtract by one because almost every home needs an office; and most affordable homes weren't built that way. When considering a 680 square foot, 2 bedroom, 1 bath home, that's an allowance many will have to make, and may be happy to make. One bedroom, one office, one person or one couple, and that might just be about right, especially when the price is $319,000. This 1949 house in Highland Park was renovated in 2011, and now has an interesting mix of earth tones with plum and purple. The plum and purple are probably carrying over the colors of the hydrangea in the yard, which also match the shutters and the door. Tying it all together with color is certainly cheaper than other architectural elements. Besides, some outside color brightens the rest of the 4,760 square foot lot which is nicely planted without being overly orchestrated without just being a block of lawn.

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Written by Tom Trimbath