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$2.8M Quincy Villa Comes With a Gorge-ous View (Sorry)

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Ever drive all the way out to The Gorge for a concert? You know that feeling at 1 a.m. when you're on your way back to Seattle, chugging energy drinks to stay away and wishing you had just found a place to stay nearby instead? Well assuming you've got $2.8M handy, you could have just bought "Private Villa," which is a, uh, private villa, located in Quincy, WA not too far from the amphitheater. A mixture of Southwestern and Mediterranean styles, the 4,200 square-foot residence is actually located within the heart of Cave B Estate Winery and Resort. Inside there's a winding staircase, a rock formation (yes, a rock formation) and a basement set up to be a hangout/sleeping quarters (the house has been a group rental property). Outside, the infinity view pool looks out over what may be one of the most gorgeous views in Washington (pun intended). Oh and you also get a rose garden, fountain, four-car garage and a long basalt cobblestone entrance with wisteria and grapevine trellis. Be forewarned, anytime one of your friends comes out to see a show at The Gorge, you're hosting.

· 342 Silica Road NW, Quincy [Estately]