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No Reason to Leave this 10K Square-Foot $1.7M Mansion

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You know the place is big when the garage is 2,060 square feet and has enough room for lifts, just in case you not only collect cars but actually work on them. Keep the oil and grease there though, because messy footprints would startle the rest of this palatial, 10,020 square foot house. Even 5 bedrooms (2 of which are master suites) and 6 baths aren't enough to use up all that space. Of course, grand house have grand spaces simply for the sake of grandeur. Part of what you could be paying $1,695,000 for is space: gleaming floors, tall arched windows, a sweeping staircase, and curved balconies. They call the style "Town and Country", but the house is so big that you may never notice how far from town you are, or which country you're in. The lot is 1.6 acres, so you won't be bothered by pesky things like neighbors; you can pretend you're anywhere green. If you get the urge to go outside because the voluminous kitchen, bedrooms, and livings spaces aren't enough, go downstairs to the wine bar and billiards room that adjoins the media theater. If after all that you still want to go outside, make sure you use the mudroom when you come back in. Can't have any evidence of the countryside inside.

· 18620 SE 175th Ct, Renton [Zillow]
Written by Tom Trimbath