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1936 Tiny House Tucked Away in SeaTac Asks $215K

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Welcome to Tiny Homes, an idea that is more popular with minimalists than with neighborhood associations and zoning boards. We'll point out the fun parts. You'll have to check out the logistics and legalities - but this one is also an opportunity.

What's more American and suburban than living within a mile of both the airport and the shopping mall (Southcenter)? There's a tiny house, 500 square feet, for sale at $215,000. Of the 294 condos for sale in Seattle, only 32 are cheaper. With this 1 bedroom, 1 bath you also get a 12,840 square foot lot. The house is on the back half, and probably has been since it was built in 1936. Now, it's fashionable and acceptable to build tiny houses, or ADUs, on available acreage. You could live in your cozy, recently renovated tiny; and rent out another that you build or buy - or move into the new space and rent the old one. The renovation is nice enough that either option works. With that much room, you could grow enough food to skip a lot of trips to the supermarket. Living that close to everything, you might be able to skip owning a car; which makes sense considering there isn't a garage; though there is a long gravel driveway so you don't have to park on the street. With the right job, you could even commute by plane.

· 4046 168th St S, SeaTac [Estately]
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Written by Tom Trimbath