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Will a Price Chop of $1.2M in Port Townsend be Enough?

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Somewhere under this 9,283 square foot house that spans six city lots (0.86 acres) in downtown Port Townsend is something that was built in 1906. Does any of the original house show through? Now, it is a 4 bedroom, 10, count them ten, bath house that has an asking price of $3,800,000 - which is down from a nice, round , $5,000,000. Such a bargain, at least for the eventual buyer. The seller just missed out on enough home to buy a nice house somewhere. It is much more than a house. The pool is much more than a pool. The office is much more than an office. Collected, they create a house that is necessarily unique, and not quite fitting with Victorian Port Townsend, but definitely fitting with PT's artistic side. Throughout the house is artistry in the architecture's barrel-vaulted mahogany ceilings, art glass doors, and a custom door bell that's probably more like a door gong. Despite all of that, the house has been on the market for almost a year. Even the price drop didn't inspire an immediate buyer. Take a tour and tell us why you think it hasn't sold.

· 537 Jackson St, Port Townsend [Zillow]
Written by Tom Trimbath