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This $1.9M Woodinville Estate Was Built Big & Green

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If you're going to build big, you might as well build green. There's a 4 bedroom, 5 bath house for sale in Woodinville with a list price of $1,895,000. The price is somewhat large, even if the number of rooms doesn't look that way. But, as you drive up, there is a stone pillar waterfall and fountain, beside 12 foot tall inland red cedar posts, which lead to an entry with an 18 foot granite wall, that is backed by a living space with a 24 foot vaulted ceiling. The house is 5,753 square feet with features like an alabaster chandelier and a massive stone mantel fireplace (with the proper doors and systems to maintain those Built Green criteria. With that much square footage, it makes sense to include an office and library, and an apartment just in case the other rooms aren't enough. The main kitchen looks large enough, though with double ovens - and a 50 square foot island. There are people who live in double the space of the island, and would consider the kitchen to be a palace. The cooking is complemented by the drinking that is supported by a convenient wet bar, and a 500 bottle wine cellar that isn't in the cellar but is beside the dining area. The greenest part of the purchase may be outside; 14.14 acres of forested property that evidently opens up enough for views of the Olympics. The 'Special Market' is designated as 'Second Home', so if you already have two maybe you'll have to sell one. Is that why this house has been on and off the market for since June 2013 without closing a deal with a buyer?

· 16700 Saybrook Dr NE, Woodinville [Zillow]
Written by Tom Trimbath