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Stay Secluded in Your $469K Seward Park Urban Compound

"You know how you fantasize about owning an urban compound with a detached MIL?" That's a bold assumption from the broker babble for 8612 Seward Park Ave S. We can't say that's what WE fantasize about but we suppose there must be some people out there who spend their days dreaming of such a specific thing. If that's the case, they probably want to jump all over that "urban compound" in Seward Park asking $469K. The 5,640 sqaure-foot lot is indeed surrounded on all sides by a cement wall aside from the electric gate to let people in or out. Within the walls, there's a 4-BR craftsman with a vintage kitchen and 2,385 square-feet of total space. The eye-catcher here is the basement, lined with exposed brick and featuring a speakeasy setup. And yes, there's the aforementioned MIL unit as well for those who enter your compound but can never leave once they find out whatever secrets lies within. Also, if you're concerned about the looming zombie apocalypse threat, this might be one of the best places to live in Seattle.

· 8612 Seward Park Ave S [Estately]