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Hit The Halloween Candy Jackpot in Sand Point & Georgetown

Neighborhood social network Nextdoor is back with their Halloween Treat Map, an interactive map app that lets you know where the candy will be flowing and allows you and your kids to plan their trick or treating routes ahead of time. Why waste time scouring streets full of homes handing out bags of pennies when you know beforehand that there's copious amounts of Kit Kats and Snickers being handed out on the next road over? This year, Nextdoor went ahead and analyzed data from all of Seattle neighborhoods that use the platform's Treat Map to figure out the very best neighborhoods for candy collection. Turns out Sand Point is your best bet, followed by Georgetown, Whittier Heights, Loyal Heights and South Seattle's Dunlap. So basically, if you roam around Northeast Seattle or the Greater Ballard Area, you're bound to end up with a jack o'lantern full of fun stuff.
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