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41-Story Condo Tower Planned at 1200 Howell Street

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Look at all that verdant green in Seattle, via Weber Thompson]

Seattle development is heavy on apartments, office space and hotels. One thing there's a short supply on is new condos. Burrard Group is looking to change that with plans for a 41-story tower at 1200 Howell Street in Denny Triangle. Plans call for 364 condos, 2,700 square feet of retail and 275 parking spaces. DJC has some early looks at the design, which includes "twisting" blocks that offer various views and unit types, including penthouse-type units and multi-floor lofts. They'll present early designs to the design review board on December 1 but if everything goes smoothly Burrard would like to begin construction in the fall. Weber Thompson will be the architect on the project. Downtown Seattle will eagerly anticipate the arrival of the new condos. Aside from Luma and Insignia, pickings are slim.
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