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Express Yourself in This $800K Lakewood Industrial Modern

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Modern does not have to be minimalist, dull, or austere. Modern can be fun, expressive, and even a bit timeless. In Lakewood, there's a house with modern industrial loft style that looks trendy but has been around since 1989. Built like a warehouse with concrete, vinyl, and metal it also has windows all around, including one wall that is nearly all glass and a checkerboard floor. They're asking $799,000 for the 3 bedroom, 2.25 bath space - and space it is because the 21 foot ceilings emphasize the volume instead of the square footage. Yes, there are 4,439 square feet inside, but they are almost as open as possible. There's even enough space to fly a drone indoors. That's one way to chase the spiders from the ceiling trusswork. It is one thing to build a white box and hang colorful art on the walls, but they've done more than that. The kitchen is styled after a fifties diner: bright primary colors, corrugated chrome, vinyl stools, and then the wild touch of a Jackson Pollock style backsplash. There's even a set of cafe tables from the era in place of a formal dining area. Bedrooms are on the upper level, and getting there looks like it involves a rolling staircase, a staircase that can be swung out of the way for parties, projects, or just because they can. The flip side is by going outside where there's a cement pond and a hot tub, with elements from inside carried outside, like the trusswork over the patio. With 0.79 acres you could install a sculpture garden as well. House as modern art, and art that finds a home.

· 11701 Gravelly Lake Dr SW, Lakewood [Redfin]
Written by Tom Trimbath