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Take Your Pick of Farmhouse, Cabin, Studio or Yurt on this $1.4M Bainbridge Farm

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Farms were necessary in 1885. Along the way, grocery stores took over, then supermarkets, until now this historic farm on Bainbridge has be renovated into an exquisite version of itself. There's probably a lot less mud being tracked in now, and the decorators, designers, and owners have definitely made it upscale country modern. That's probably where a lot of the $1,398,000 listing price comes from, a refinement of a farmhouse that has bits that are functional and parts that are fancy. At its basic, it is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house with 2,357 square feet of living space. The plank flooring and beadboard work set the tone, and if the farmhouse aspects aren't apparent at a glance, then hitting your head on the gabled bedroom ceiling may wake you up. The paint job, the solarium style kitchen and the great expanses of windows are probably not original; but they fit the style.

The orchard is heirloom, probably because it was planted before 'heirloom' began referring to food instead of inheritances. Meadows and pastures have stayed clear on land that was forest, but now could handle livestock or at least a riding mower because there's 8.8 acres of land. That includes a pond, and check for its highs and lows; and an original windmill, which is an opportunity to draw your own water if the well is working, and maybe even pull some power. The most original piece could be the log cabin that look authentic, though updated with a new roof. If that's too rustic, there's also a guest studio that is large and comfortable enough for most. For those that want something minimalist, yet comfortable, there's even a large yurt with the typical translucent walls allowing a omni-directional diffuse light.

· 13509 Ellingsen Rd NE, Bainbridge Island [Zillow]
Written by Tom Trimbath