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Sky-High Cirrus Opens Doors With Sky-High Seattle Rents

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<em> photos: Aaron Locke</em>
photos: Aaron Locke

Cirrus, the 41-story, 355-unit apartment tower at 2030 8th Avenue, officially opened it's doors this week and while anyone can walk through them it takes quite a few dollars to stick around. Although the place is already 34-percent leased, there's still plenty of upscale apartments available and not for cheap. Average rent on a 1-BR? $2,903/month. Average rent for a 2-BR? $4,175/month. You've got 16 three-bedroom penthouses on the 39th and 40th floors to choose from but they'll run you as much as $7,500/month. Before you start asking "who can afford that?," wait til we tell you about the extras that aren't included. Want to add a reserved parking spot to the mix? Add another $225/month. It's another $25/month for a temperature-controlled wine-storage locker. A pet is also $25/month but you'll also have to get a dog DNA registration (and make sure you pick up that poop). The building also includes 24/7 concierge services, a Sky Club and Sky Lounge up on the roof and plenty more luxury amenities. One-bedroom unit averages 800 sq. ft. while a two-bedroom unit averages 1,156 sq. ft. All of the units offer 9.5 ft. ceilings, floor to ceiling windows in the bedrooms and living rooms, and chef styled kitchens with islands. There's currently two Cirrus units floating around Craigslist, a 2-BR asking $3,595/month and a 765 sf. 1-BR that'll run you $2,680/month. Don't think there's enough interest for big-ticket rentals? Developer GID disagrees and they're busy building Stratus across Lenora Street, another upscale apartment tower that'll open by 2017.

· $2,903 a month rents a one-bedroom, but wine storage is extra [ST]
· $2680 / 1br - 765ft2 [CL]
· $3595 / 2br - 1119ft2 [CL]