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$475K Octagonal Cottage Lake House is Outside The Box

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There are no wrong angles; and yet almost every house is built with nothing but right angles. Go ahead and free your mind; like someone did back in 1977. It was the seventies. Maybe they had a hangover from the sixties, or a revelation. Whatever made it happen, someone built a two story octagonal house with a roof that was inspired by geodesic domes. Now, they're inviting someone else to buy it for $475,000. Whoever buys it gets 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and 1,500 square feet; but they don't get a lot of square rooms or square windows. It looks like they never figured out how to hang curtains for a trapezoidal window. The doors are square, how boring and conventional, but that was a good place to draw the line. For everything to be at some other angle than 90 degrees would take a commitment that would be hard to live with, but not impossible. As a house it is a fine exercise in thinking outside the box. As a property it also has less common attributes like a view of Cottage Lake and a larger than normal lot, 14,494 square feet. The land sits at an angle, which is appropriate and also opens the views. They missed one easily remedied opportunity. The parking should be angled, and definitely not parallel.

· 17701 185th Ave NE, Woodinville [Windermere]
Written by Tom Trimbath