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Fate of Ballard's Edith Macefield House Up in the Air Once Again

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Last we heard, everything was going to work out just fine for the Edith Macefield House. The tiny, iconic Ballard home that rested in a nook surrounded by the Ballard Blocks retail development had been saved from demolition by OPAL Community Land Trust, which planned to move the house via barge to Orcas Island where it would be refurbished and become affordable housing. Well that plan was dependent on raising $205,000 in order to pay for the trip. Fundraising efforts were only able to raise about nine percent of that and without any other recourse, OPAL has pulled out of the home purchase. Because of the reversal, the broker representing the house sold the property to Ballard Blocks, which throws the future of the residence into question. We can't imagine the company would want the bad PR that would come with tearing the home down but it remains to be seen who is willing to take it on the property, and more importantly, pay for the next steps. What happens next might also have a big impact on whether or not the movie about the house actually gets made. You gotta have a happy ending, right?
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