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For $6.7M, Keep This Roland Terry Residence or Replace it With a Stuart Silk Design?

Anytime legendary Pacific Northwest architect Roland Terry's name comes up in a listing, it's probably worth a look. That's the case with this in-city 3.8 acre estate in West Bellevue that just hit the market asking $6.7M. However, this one comes with an interesting choice attached. You can keep the 6-BR, 2.75-bath residence that Terry designed in 1960 or you can tear it down and replace it with architectural plans by modern architect Stuart Silk. If you stand pat you get a midcentury-modern design from one of the local masters. If you make a change, you get a three-level modern glass update that takes full advantage of the panoramic views of Lake Washington & beyond. Life is full of tough choices, though if you've got $6.7M available to buy this place we suppose you're used to that.

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