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Interactive Map Shows What Seattle Noise Levels Look Like

Everybody wants to get a handle on noise these days. We just had FYI Guy analyze the Seattle spots where most noise complaints happen. Now, apartment rentals site RentLingo has unveiled a new feature that allows renters to predictably determine how noisy a location is before moving in. The company pulls in data on current construction, nearby businesses, roads, public transportation and more to determine the noise levels day and night. It's just another way to help renters take into account the factors they need to when picking a new place. We tooled around and found a few notably-high noise spots. An obvious one was the area around downtown Seattle, not to mention pretty much anything around a major roadway. Another spot that caught our eye were the launch spots for planes on South Lake Union. If you really want to see what loud looks like, head down to Sea-Tac Airport. So maybe don't live on the airport...

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