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Ralf Westermayer's House Back on the Market Asking $1.6M

Things were different two years ago. Back then, Ralf Westermayer's house that was considerd "An Original Piece Of Artwork" was priced at $1,395,000. (Check out what we thought about it then.) Now, it is listed at a nice, round $1,600,000. Buy a house from an artist who has the resources to exercise their art and know you're getting something unique, a piece of art no one can duplicate. The matching artwork stays with the house, so you get more than walls, windows, floors and a roof. The house challenges coventions. The flooring is organic, with stone and wood meeting along puddled edges, or rough work at doorsteps. The woodwork throughout is high-level cabinetry, including bas-reliefs on some doors. Outside, the hardscape has been sculpted into fantastic forms that you probably won't find in any neighbor's yard. And then there's the artistry of location. The views of Seattle will definitely distract. Some other artist gets the credit for that, though.

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