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Cornerspotted: The Now-Landmark Wayne Apartment Building

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Yesterday, we asked you to guess what this old timey Seattle building is and where it's located. If you'd been paying attention to the news this one should have been pretty easy. Walker-d was clearly aware of the story, guessing that it was "a hodge podge of shops, mostly funky saloons, that Clown Bar, which is the subject of a campaign to keep all the associated businesses and the apartments above them from a date with the wrecking ball." All of that it a long-winded way to say this is the Wayne Apartments building.

Image: Wikimedia As we said yesterday, pieces of this place have been around since before the Denny Regrade and the Great Seattle Fire. It's been so many things and home to so many businesses since, including Belltown Funky Studios and Lava Lounge. It's architectural-signifigance goes without saying, so many were shocked to hear developers intended to raze it and put up a generic condo building in it's place. Thankfully, the building won landmark status from the city this week, which means anyone who wants to write the next chapter of this building and this block of Second Avenue in Belltown will have to make sure the Wayne is a part of it.
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