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What $1,700/Month Rents You in Seattle Right Now

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Welcome back to Curbed Comparisons, where we scour Seattle's rental listings to see what your monthly budget will get you across the city. Last week we found out that Zumper's median 1-BR rent for Seattle was $1,710/month. So, we figured we'd look around and see what that gets you exactly. You tell us which place you'd choose.

We begin at REO Flats in Capitol Hill where you can get an Open 1-BR for $1,675/month. They're stingy on the square-footage but it looks like there's room enough. The units feature chic modern decor while the building itself is eco-friendly and built green.

Next we head to Fairmount Park where you can actually get a 2-BR for $1,695/month at The Garden Terrace. The top-floor unit comes with a fresh coat of paint, new carpets and new flooring throughout. Close to the West Seattle Golf Course as well.

Now it's on to Unit K at Pine+Minor in Capitol Hill which you can get for $1,695/month. The add begins with "You'll live here every day, and we know that," which we figured was a given but sure. Looks like the photos are generic but the units do look modern and chic and the building is geared towards an active lifestyle.

Next we go to Uptown where you can find a 1-BR at Elliott Bayview Apartments for $1,700/month. Apartments include four-panel double French doors, granite counter-tops, extra-large windows and high-quality cabinetry. Hang out up top on the sky deck where there's a fire pit, BBQs and rooftop seating.

Finally we head to Leschi where Avana on the Lake has a 1-BR for $1,705/month. Tough to argue with the view and the fact that your balcony is basically hanging over Lake Washington. The unit itself is pretty nice too. Formerly the Shangri-La, they've done a whole remodel top to bottom.

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