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Mercer Island's Faben Point Estate Drops $4M Off Price

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The Faben Point estate at at 6024 S.E. 22nd St. debuted on the market in March 2014 asking $16.88M. After a year-and-a-half, the price came all the way down in September to $12M. Let's see if that does the trick. The seller is Vera Fiorito, who has lived there for 74 years. Her father owned a construction company that literally paved the way for I-90 and the Sea-Tac runways. The 5,230 square-foot brick & stucco house currently on the property was built in 1956 and after raising her family there, it's time for Vera to move on. The waterfront property is surrounded by 1.3 acres full of gardens and green lawns. There's a guest cottage down by the dock as well as a cabana for lazy weekends. As for what the place looks like on the inside, well, you're gonna have to find out for yourself. Perhaps the $4M price-chop is the incentive you were waiting for.

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